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Art Moto

Art Moto - We are excited to announce that Art Moto - our new motorcycle and art culture social event will be held at the Gnomon Pavillion at the Ulverstone Wharf Precinct, Saturday July 27th from 10am to 3pm. A celebration of Café culture and art to break the dark days of winter. Art Moto will feature cafe style and modified bikes, an artwork display, and a fabulous door prize. You will meet the bike owners and artists, hear their stories and enjoy some local food and entertainment. Message me about your modified posties, cafés, bobbers and rat rods. This event is for you, and we need your help. Bring it! It's not a competition for the rarest and shiniest. It's your enthusiasm we need. It's also Devonport Jazzfest weekend, so come to Art Moto and stay on for the evening jazz events. Art Moto: Saturday Jul 27, Gnomon Pavillion Ulv. 10-3pm, Gold coin donation. Break the Darkness! Presented by Dragonfly Classics – for more information phone 0438 750 455 or visit