Caravan, Campervan & Motorhome Owners

Welcome to Central Coast

The Central Coast Council welcomes all caravan, campervan and motorhome owners to the Central Coast area.  Whilst the Council encourages you to utilise the various Caravan Parks located in Turners Beach, Ulverstone, West Ulverstone and Penguin, it has passed a resolution to allow campervans and motorhomes to rest for up to 48 hours in any of the rest areas within the municipal area.

The use of tents is not permitted and only self-contained (Toilet and Shower) vehicles are suitable for these rest areas.

Preferred rest areas:

The Council has not defined any specific rest areas but it has identified a number of preferred areas for the use of visitors to our municipal area:

  • Hall Point, Sulphur Creek – note: no dogs are allowed in this area as it is the location of a penguin colony;
  • Preservation Bay – on the eastern side of the Penguin Surf Club;
    (Please Note that the Surf Club Building (and associated seats and tables) is not available for use by overnight visitors)
  • Nicholson Point, Ulverstone – turn off Lovett Street on to Ihlata Street then onto Riverside Avenue turn left into open area past the railway line.
  • Forth Recreation Ground – limited to designated area only.  The waste skip bin that is located near the Forth Football clubhouse is available for disposal of rubbish.


Unsuitable rest areas:

There are some areas that have been designated as unsuitable for overnight stays and are signposted either as ‘no camping’ or ‘no overnight stays’.  These areas include:

  • Esplanade, Turners Beach;
  • Dial Street, Ulverstone; and
  • Lions Park, Penguin.

Waste Dump Stations:

The Council has provided wastewater dump stations at:

  • Victoria Street (northern end), Ulverstone; and
  • Stubbs Point, Penguin.

We would urge you to utilise the dump stations provided and to leave the rest areas in at least the same, if not better, state than you found them in.

We hope you enjoy your stay but would ask that you respect our community policy by only staying for up to 48 hours in any one rest area.

Central Coast Caravan Parks

Penguin Caravan Park, Johnsons Beach, Penguin.
Phone (03) 6427 2785

OC Ling Memorial Caravan Park, Esplanade, Turners Beach.
Phone:  03 6428 2582

Apex Beachside Caravan Park, Queen Street, West Ulverstone.
Phone:  03 6425 2935

Big 4 Holiday Park Ulverstone, Water Street, Ulverstone.
Phone:  03 6425 2624

Pioneer Park, 1399 Pine Road, Riana.
Phone: 03 6437 6137

Wings Wildlife Park, Winduss Road, Gunns Plains
Phone: 03 6429 1151