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Spirit of Tasmania Cycling Tour

Spirit of Tasmania Cycling Tour – See Australia’s top cyclists in action! 

Prologue Monday 6 Nov – Individual time trial, 2pm Brisbane Street West, Launceston.  Celebrity Ride 1.30pm. 

Stage 1 Tuesday 7 Nov George Town to Grindelwald, 10.30am Anne Street, George Town, 1.15pm Alpine Crescent, Grindelwald. 

Stage 2 Wednesday 8 Nov Launceston to Poatina, 10.30am Silverdome, Launceston, 1pm Poatina Road, Poatina. 

Stage 3 Thursday 9 Nov Ulverstone to Penguin, 10.30am Dial Street, Ulverstone, 1.15pm Sports Complex Avenue, Penguin. 

Stage 4 Friday 10 Nov Devonport Criteium, 10.30am Bluff Road, Devonport, School Cycle 9.30am.